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Kalamazoo, Michigan 1 comment
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You *** shut down millsberry that was my faveriot game and now it is gone and that is terrible to your business becausei im am not going to buy mothing from general mills and i have 1023 people that is doing the same so if your stocks and stuff gos down you will know why. So i would really apreate it if you guys put it back on and i promice you if you put it back on you will be makeing alot more money then you used to and all thouse people will start buying your produse agine and if you think i am makeing this up im not it is hard to belive but there in hunderets of people that stop buying general mills food.. S all thouse people would be really happy if you put it baack on.

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spell check??

Game Central - Re-bath again

Wichita, Kansas 1 comment

Today I re-do the seal all around the entire walk in tub ,that hasn't been in place even a full 10 months yet.Much less had a decent seal on it for even 7 months.

The tech couldn't get it right, nor could the owner of the Topeka store. Would I call them back to my home.....*** no.....If they can't do it the first time, how could they do it the secound?

We will try it ourselfs first, why not?

I wouldn't pay these people a fake coin to answer a phone call, much less re-do another bath for us!They are a true rip-off, No wonder they re offering $400 off up front, and that isn't near enough, trust me I should know....

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how does this apply to Game Central??

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